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Gene Mutations and DNA repair

Gene Mutation and DNA repair Mutation can happen during the recombination or replication. It is the permanent change that happens to the sequence of the DNA in the nucleotide. The cause of mutation within the DNA can be due to insertion of base pair, deletion or substitution. Mutations are not harmful until they cause a tumor or cell death. The fatal outcomes of the gene mutation are the reason that DAN repair is important. Before understanding DNA repair, it is important that we understand the Read more [...]
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Regulation of Gene Expression

Regulation of gene expression Gene expression is the natural procedure in which the genetic codes also called the nucleotide sequence is directly used for the synthesis of the proteins. It helps in the production of cell structure. The genes that are used for coding the amino acids of the cell are known as the structural proteins. There are two main stages of the gene expression.Transcription In the process, the message RNA is produced with the help of the enzymes RNA polymerase and the result Read more [...]
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Types of Gene Mapping

Gene mapping and it types Gene mapping is the process in which we determine the linear order due to which the genetic units are arranged according to genetic order. For instance, there are three different genes E, F, and G then the genetic map will have a different order of arrangement like: EFG EGF FGE FEG GEF GFEGene mapping also plays an important role in the determination of the distance between the genetic units.Types of gene mapping There Read more [...]
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What is Chromosome? Chromosomes are thread like structures which are located inside nucleus of all plant and animal cells. Each chromosome comprises of protein and a single molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). DNA are passed from parents to offspring. DNA contains those specific instructions that build each type of living creatures unique among themselves.Chromosomes are a key part of the important process that ensures if DNA is accurately copied and distributed in vast majority of cell Read more [...]
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