Cell organelles

/Cell organelles


Chloroplast are the structure within the cells of plants and green algae which is the site of photosynthesis, a process by which sunlight energy gets converted into chemical energy, resulting in production of oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds. So, Chloroplasts can be considers as food producers of the cell. Animal cells do not have chloroplasts. Plants are the basis of entire life on Earth. They are classified as the producers of world. During the process of photosynthesis, Read more [...]
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                  Plastids are the largest cell organelles bounded by double membrane. These are found in most of the plants cells. These are absent in prokaryotes and animal cells. It’s of three types.1.Chloroplasts 2.Chromoplasts and 3.Leucoplasts.                                             Plastids by LadyofHatsPlastids are huge cytoplasmic organelles. Plastids are major organelles and are found in the cell of plants and in algae. Plastids Read more [...]
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            In every living being, cells need to make proteins. Enzymes that are made of proteins are used to help seed up the biological processes. Other proteins do support other cell functions and are found embedded in membranes. Proteins even builds up most of your hairs. When a cell requires to make proteins, it looks for ribosomes. Ribosomes are basically the proteins builders or we can say protein synthesizers. They can be thought just like construction guy, who connects one Read more [...]
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 Mitochondria are known as powerhouse of a cell. They are nothing, but organelles that acts like a digestive system of the cell, which takes in nutrients, breaks them up, and creates energy rich molecules to get utilized by the cell. The biochemical processes of a cell are called as cellular respiration. Many of the reactions that are involved in the cellular respiration happens into the mitochondria. Thus, we can say that mitochondria are the working organelles that keep its cell Read more [...]
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Nucleus Structure and Functions

          The cell nucleus acts like brain of the cell. It helps control eating, in movement and reproduction. If anything of them happens in the cell, chances are that nucleus knows about it. It is not necessary for the nucleus to be in the center of the cell. It can be spotted as a big dark spot somewhere in middle of all the cytoplasm (cytosol). One will not probably find it near the edge of cell because that might be dangerous.NucleusStructure of Nucleus by Read more [...]
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Cell membrane

All prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are enclosed by an elastic thin covering calledPlasma membrane.It is selective permeable membrane because it only allows specific substances to pass through.Eukayotic cells in addition possess intracellular membranes collectively called asCytoplasmic membrane.These membranes are collectively called as Biological membranes.    Cell membrane by Dhatfield (CC BY-SA) derived from work of LadyofHats Fluid mosaic model: Singer Read more [...]
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Cell Wall

The cells of all plants, bacteria and fungi have rigid,protective covering outside plasma membrane called "Cell wall".Cell wall is present in plant cells but its absent in animal cells.The cell wall was first observed by Robert Hooke in 1865 in cork cells.At beginning cell wall considered as unproductive but in later ages it was found that metabolically active and capable of growth and at least during its growth, contains protoplasmic material.Formation of cell wall:  During telophasic Read more [...]
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