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Meiotic cell division occurs in reproductive cells of plants and animals.Meiotic cell division is also known as "Reduction division" where diploid number of chromosomes are reduced to haploid(number of chromosomes reduced to half).Meiosis consists of two complete division.Meiosis I or heterotypic division(no.of.chromosomes reduced to half) Meiosis II or homotypic division (mitotic or equational)During sexual reproduction two gametes(male and female) each having same set of chromosomes(n) Read more [...]
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Mitotic cell division is first described by W.flemming in 1882(in plant cell by Strasburger).Karyokinesis(DNA duplication followed by nuclear division) followed by cytokinesis(cytoplasm of single eukaryotic cell is divided to form daughter nuclei).Amitosis: This type cell division is usually occurs in prokaryote. Its a simple type of cell division.All the cell contents including nucleus divide into two equal halves by means of inwardly growing constriction in the middle of the cell.In Read more [...]
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Cell division

Cell division is a special biological process by which a cell gets divided into two or more new cells. During cell division, a cell’s nucleus splits up and the DNA is replicated. There are broadly two types of cell division : mitosis and meiosis.Most of the time when we refer to “cell division”, we mean mitosis, a process of making new body cells. Where meiosis is the separate type of cell division that only creates eggs and sperm cells. Because this mitosis cell division is so critical, Read more [...]
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