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Gene mapping and it types

Gene mapping is the process in which we determine the linear order due to which the genetic units are arranged according to genetic order. For instance, there are three different genes E, F, and G then the genetic map will have a different order of arrangement like:

  • EFG
  • EGF
  • FGE
  • FEG
  • GEF
  • GFE

Gene mapping also plays an important role in the determination of the distance between the genetic units.

Types of gene mapping

There are two main types of gene mapping and they depend on the following objectives.

1-Genetic maps

Genetic maps are commonly known as the linkage maps. In this process, the map represents the gene on chromosome array. It has a linear order and the distance between loci will be expressed in percent recombination.

2-Physical maps

In order to represent the physical location of the gene on the chromosome, we use the physical maps.

Benefits of gene mapping

In the field of science, gene mapping has played a major role and it has brought many innovations in the field of medicines. However, in many fields of life, the gene mapping technology has proved to be very beneficial. Even for the fruit industry, it provides many remarkable benefits that cannot be matched by any other technology. Here we have the list of the benefits that you will get from gene mapping.


With the help of gene mapping, scientists have been able to conduct special research procedures. It helps them to map the entire gene and identify the root causes of the diseases and other hereditary issues that humans have been facing. They have been able to

  • Identify the substances that act as the trigger for several diseases
  • Formulation of the custom drugs has been enabled
  • Gene therapy techniques have been tested and introduced

It has been made possible to efficiently control different diseases and provide treatments for many disorders. Now scientists can easily work on the research on the diseases that have been recently acknowledged.

Agricultural application

With the help of the gene mapping scientist have able to find the information about the nutritionally beneficial breeds of plants and animals. It has allowed the specialists to develop the crops and breeds of animals and plants that are beneficial to the humans, are resistant to diseases and will not be damaged by drought and insects. In order to clean up the waste and break down harmful chemicals, the researchers have been breeding different types of plants.

Environment and energy

Recently, the researchers have been able to use the genetic makeup of the bacteria to produce energy with the help of the biofuels that were generated with gene mapping. They will help to reduce the toxic wastes and it might lead us to develop products that will be energy efficient and eco-friendly so that we can protect our earth.

It is important that we support gene mapping and help the scientists to make this earth a better place. Soon gene mapping will bring a major change in the world.

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